And it kept pouring all day long.. but I still think Amsterdam looked beautiful even on this cloudy horrible day. Luckily my friend Ieke bought a umbrella otherwise I think we wouldn’t survive walking through the rain all day.



This place is literally a jungle in the middle of Amsterdam. It was really weird but at the same time amazing because it really felt like you where in a rainforest in a hot country because the temperature was about 25 degrees!


After the jungle experience it was time for lunch and we went to the Hoxton hotel where they have the best food! I orderd a falafel burger and Ieke salmon on toast. While eating our lunch we spotted blogger and youtuber Anna Nooshin! We have been a big fan for years and ofcourse had to take a picture with her! She was super nice and looked amazing as always.

There was a photo booth at the Hoxton so of course had to take a few pictures.



After the amazing lunch we finally wen’t shopping and just strolled through the Kalverstraat and bought what we needed and also what we didn’t needed but that doesn’t matter ๐Ÿ™‚

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Xx Lauren