Body image. It’s something that girls AND boys struggle with and I think it’s not enough spoken about. So here are my thoughts about it.

I think nobody is 100% confident with their body’s. Their will always be that thing that you don’t like about your body or maybe it’s something else. I think I haven’t struggled with it as much as most girls. I always hear girls complaining about their body’s because they don’t have a thigh gap, or their hips are too  wide. I think the reason why I quite early didn’t care so much anymore was because I just simply accepted how I looked like. I mean you get one body and that’s it. You can’t change anything about it except of getting it healthier of course ( but more on that later) and sometimes you are just born naturally skinny or naturally curvy. Everybody has got a different body so sorry if you exactly want to look like Cara Delevigne. You just can’t. Everybody looks different and I always hate when people comment you are body goals because you can never get that exact body anyway. If you wan’t to get thinner do it because you wan’t to be healthier and not because you wan’t to be like a model because it’s not sustainable for most people. And keep in mind models seriously live in the gym and eat so little that it’s usually not healthy. And young girls see models on ads, instagram, magazines and sees them as their inspiration or on tumblr it’s called thinspiration. So no wonder people are getting eating disorders. And that’s why I think the modelling industrie is just so wrong and there needs to come a change, and they need to let us show girls with every kind of healthy body shape.



Little things are changing but I don’t know if it’s in a good way. The new thing lately is plus size models. I think it’s good because a lot of women do look like that and find that nice to see that you don’t have to be a size 1 to be pretty, but plus size can mean that your overweight and saying that overweight is good is also not healthy. So I don’t get why their aren’t just healthy models. Girls how aren’t underweight and not overweight and promoot eating healthy and being active. I’m not saying that if your to thin or to fat that that’s bad because the industrie is promoting those kind of girls and that’s why your mind gets tricked that being so skinny or so curvy is healthy. So why is the industrie not promoting health? It’s a good question and I still don’t know the answer to it, but I think it has a lot to do with the society we live in and I hope soon people will realise that your worth isn’t how thin you are.



So how to get more body confidence?

  • I think the key is eating healthy. What’s quite a struggle but little changes do make a big difference. I’m a vegan, kind of,  ( I do have my cheat days) and it really helped me see what’s healthy and what’s not. If you wan’t to learn more about health watch the documentery ‘Fork over knives’. That really was an eye opener for me for what you actually put into your body if you eat animal products. I will make a separate post about that soon so you will know more about why I’m a vegan. But the point is. When you are eating healthy you will feel healthier and happier in your skin because you’re not putting rubbish into your body that makes your body feel like bad about yourself.
  • Another one that I already mentioned is accepting your body just how it is. You are just fine the way you look, maybe you have huge thighs but how cares? Probably the only one is you, because people are selfish and worry much more about how they look like than they do about you. So stop worrying so much.
  • Also being active will make you feel better. It’s makes you feel strong and really just cleares your mind. So doing just any kind of active is amazing. Even just going for a walk or yoga helps.



I don’t know if this made any sense but I really just wanted to share my thoughts on this topic and keep in mind that this is my opinion so maybe some of these things aren’t true to you and if you think differently that’s fine! I would love everybody’s opinion on this, you can always comment your thoughts, because I think a lot of my audience do sometimes struggle with this and I think people need to be more open about it. So I hope you liked this kind of post and I also hope that maybe it even helped some of you!:)


X Lauren