kine  Coffee table book wishlist.


Kinfolk home.

  • It’s a book full of interior inspiration. It are all homes of couples and families that talk about their homes and all of the items they find special in their home. I think it’s a lovely book to read in the morning to just flick threw while your eating breakfast.




Life on Instagram.





  • It’s a book with a collection of pictures pulled of instagram. It has a selection  of the most amazing pictures in 2016. I like the idea that it’s kind of  an instagram put instead of scrolling on your phone it’s on paper and I think  it makes a great coffee table book.







screen-shot-2016-09-16-at-17-20-08 screen-shot-2016-09-16-at-17-20-16






Kate spade,

Places to go people to see.




  •  It’s full of old-world glamour pictures of girls traveling city’s like New york, Paris, London.. and it’s also full of inspirational quotes, tips and words of wisdom every girl should know.






That was it! My wishlist of coffee table books I still want to get. Please tell in the comments if you’ve already read some of these or if you recommend another.


Thanks for reading.