Lana Del Ray- Honeymoon.


Just so in love with her latest album! I think the special thing about her songs are her lyrics. They are just so so good, and the way it goes with her voice is really inspiring.

Tip: Her whole album is on spotify for free.

Gucci loafers.

UGGHH Gucci. I actually can’t afford these beauts, but putting them in the list anyway. I just want them so bad. The first time I saw these was in Paris and just love how unique they are, and you know when you see something you love and then they like pop up everywhere. Yeah.. so I wen’t on to my instagram feed and they where like everywhere.. so weird. So maybe it’s a sign I need to get them ๐Ÿ™‚ , but I think my bank account won’t like that so I hope I can find similar ones somewhere soon.



What on earth is wellness?

Vogue just came out with a new series “WHAT ON EARTH IS WELNESS” with Camille Rowe. I think it’s super interesting because it’s about what wellness actually is and all the different ways you can get ‘well’. So definitely check it out here>>


So these things are what I’m into this month. This is super honest so sometimes the list is longer and sometimes it can be just one thing. I really ย only want to share the stuff I’m like super obsessed and loving right now, so if you liked this please share and comment your thoughts!


X Lauren