I have always loved my denim jeans. Skinny’s, mum, boyfriend. Got them all and stil love them but I just had to change it up because I have been wearing just denim for years now. So I decided to go for these cropped wide leg trousers. They are comfy. They kinda feel like pj bottoms and fit really nicely and they look like you have done a lot of effort for you outfit.


The top is one ofmy favourites of www.birdclothingstore.com (their collection is full of these amazing tees so definitely check them out). The quality is also amazingly soft and nice to wear. I like to tuck in my tee in the trousers. It just looked nicer and more elegant.

I’ve got my adidas shoes forever now, but just can’t find the perfect sneaker so please leave a comment if you have a recommendation ๐Ÿ™‚

Hope you liked the post and the pictures we made in Paris.

X Lauren