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  • This is actually is something I do everyday and that is writing down a moment that made me happy that day. I’m way to lazy to write whole stories down about my day so I love keeping short memories of each day and it’s something you can easily maintain everyday and is super fun to look back too. I also put down my to do list for the next day to make me exited for the next day!













  • Putting on a face mask! Today I   used don’t look at me from Lush. It’s a really weird and amazing colour and smells fresh and leaves your skin squeaky clean.I tried to make a cute picture with the facemask on but that just looked to scary and weird so here’s a normal one with of course an snapchat filter on top so I look some what desent.

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Skincare and hair routine

  • I always keep it pretty simple when I wan’t to pamper my skin because I hate the feeling when you put a lot of creams and oils on your face. So the first thing I do is of course put of my make up with the best make up remover from Garnier and that is there Micellair water. Perfect for sensitive skin and isn’t heavy on your skin. But if I’m wearing heavy make up, a tiny amount of coconut oil works really well!
  • After that I scrub my skin with the rituals skin scrub. I actually just use it because it smells really really good and it’s not to harsh.
  • Then I run a bath for myself and pop in a bath bomb. Today I went for blackberry bath bomb from Lush. ( While in the bath I listentend to some Ludovico Einaudi. So relaxing.. 🙂 )
  • I also scrubbed my body with Lush’s Rub Rub body scrub. I actually don’t recommend scrubbing in bath because all of the bits stay on the bottem of the bath and that isn’t really relaxing. But the scrub itself is really nice and smells like summer cocktails
  • After that I slather on some Lush dream cream ( I know I’m a little obsessed with Lush lately)
  • And after that I get into my soft pjs and get into bed.


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Processed with VSCO with a6 presetThe Choice.

After my bath I watched a movie, the Choice recommend by Ieke ( thanks girl). And it was really good. At first I thought it was a little cliche. But towards the end it was beautiful and it definitely makes my top list of movies. You canwatch the trailer >> here










Meditating and no screens before bed.

I like to not be on my laptop or on my phone 15 minutes before I go to bed because it’s just not relaxing to get all that information in your head before you go to sleep. I like reading books, writing thoughts down or meditating. Meditating something I’m kind of in to lately and there will be a bigger post about it in the future! I know meditating sounds all hippie and so not something for an 15 year old, but it’s really isn’t what you think so look out for that post!




That was it! Please comment if you did like the snapchat kind of style of if you prefer pictures with my camera. Would love to know!

X Lauren